Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thoughts on My Fieldwork Experience

Now that my groups fieldwork teaching experience is finished, I would like to take a minute to think about all that we have accomplished and how that will affect my future as a teacher.  This fieldwork experience was extremely challenging and I feel that I am so much more prepared for my future career now.  First off, in my opinion this fieldwork was the most similar experience to teaching I have had during fieldwork thus far.  It was great getting to plan three different types of lessons and to put those lessons to the test, so to speak.  We had to work together as a team to come up with ideas and ways to introduce the material to the students in the after school program.  Some of our ideas were great, and others were not.  However, it was a learning experience and one that I am for the better for having completed.  I also was able to learn so much from watching other groups teach their lessons and was able to get so many more ideas to use in my future teaching.  I cannot wait to get out there and be a teacher!  I would like to thank Dr.Smirnova for pushing us to be our very best!

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  1. Lisa, I completely agree with you in regards to this fieldwork experience. It was truly rewarding being able to create lesson plans, implement them, and see what worked and did not work in the classroom. This fieldwork was the best because the group of students we had were so eager to learn and participate. It was also great to see the other groups implement their lessons and learn from them. I too believe this fieldwork experience will prepare us for our future classrooms.