Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Authentic Instruction

According to the Annenberg Learner, there are four elements of authentic instruction:

Higher order thinking which stimulates critical thinking.
Depth of knowledge which encourages comprehensive learning.
Real-world connections with teach application of concepts.
Social support which proves encouragement and inclusion.

For this assignment I viewed a video which showed four different teachers using authentic instruction.  I was able to view these teachers as they used questioning and discussion stimulate critical thinking.  Depth of knowledge as one teacher taught the abstract and complex idea of the Earth revolving around the sun to very young students using a demonstration and an activity in which students could participate in the demonstration.  Students helped their neighbor to understanding difficult concepts and worked in small groups in other video segments.  One teacher used real-world connections as he activated students' prior knowledge and made connections to what they were learning in class.  

Authentic instruction is an excellent teaching strategy to use.  It provides students with a more concrete understanding of the concepts and tasks are they are encouraged to use higher order thinking, deepen their knowledge and understanding, connect what they are learning to the real world, and have the support of their classmates in completing tasks.  

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