Monday, March 30, 2015

100 Ways of Teaching Geography

After view a slideshow about 100 different ways to teaching geography, I have selected the 10 ideas that I like best and would like to share them!

1. Google Earth- A students selects a piece of paper at random from a hat, bucket, etc.  The paper has a destination, location, landmark, or city on it.  The whole class "flies" there through Google Earth.

2. The 60 Second Film - Students summarize a concept in a 60 second short film.  This enables students to be creative and to convey the knowledge they have learned in a nontraditional way.

3. Newspaper Mapping - Students bring in newspaper articles about a geographical area that they are interested in.  The articles are displayed on a world map and later discussed.

4. Sing It- Have students change the lyrics of a nursery rhyme to fit an issue or the development of a physical feature. 

5. Montage a Google - Created by Grant Robinson, can be used to create a montage of Google images representing a topic, region, destination, ,etc.  This image can be used to introduce the lesson, activate prior knowledge, or sum up a lesson.

6. Warm Up Maps - Students draw lines to connect specific places to there location on a map.  Can be used as a warm up activity.

7. Dizzy Direction - Students have to turn to face the correct wall when the compass direction is called out by the teacher.  

8. Atlas Race - Students race to put their finger on the place that is called in their atlas.  

9. Throw a Globe - Students toss an inflatable globe to one another to answer questions that are asked.  The student who catches the globe answers the question.

10. GeoTube - Geography videos on YouTube.

To check out some of the other ideas click HERE!

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