Monday, March 2, 2015

The Democratic Classroom

You may be asking yourself what classroom democracy is and why is it necessary?  After reading "Young Citizens: Partners in Classroom Management" by Devon Metzger, I feel that I have a better understanding how to create a democratic classroom and why it is important to develop informed and responsible decision making students.  By having students become partners in classroom management, you can foster an ability in your students to assume control over their behavior.  In this way, students are taking responsibility for their own actions in the classroom.  By allowing students to be a part of determining the classroom rules and procedures, you are giving students the power to discuss what actions and behaviors they feel are necessary in order to have a positive and successful classroom environment.  According to Metzger, "citizenship education thus occurs when a teacher works with students as partners in developing a positive learning community (in contrast to imposing a system to control them)."

Check out this video which talks a little more about the importance of a democratic classroom. 



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