Sunday, March 8, 2015

Formative Teaching and Instruction

I recently read an article and watched a video about using exit tickets for formative teaching and instruction.  The use of exit tickets is a great way for a teacher to gain an understanding about how the students are grasping the content from the lesson.  Exit tickets should not be something that students do as they are running out the door, but rather something that is used during class to assess student understanding.  The exit tickets will help teachers understand where the students are and will enable teacher's to adjust their lessons accordingly.  Additionally, students know that exit tickets are just checks for understanding for the teacher, and therefore, they are not high anxiety causing tests or report cards grades.  This allows the students to feel more relaxed about the exit tickets.  Formative teaching and instruction through the use of in class assessments with exit tickets is something that I will definitely use in my future classroom

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