Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reflections on our Direct Instruction Lesson Plan

Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Reflection

  • Did the video, word cloud, and pictures activate the students’ prior knowledge and capture their attention?
    • Yes it did.  The students were able to look at the video, word cloud, and pictures and tell us what they already knew about these images and words.  The students were enthusiastic to share what they already knew.
  • Was a Prezi presentation the best way to present the material?
    • I think the Prezi presentation was a great choice to present the material.  The Prezi was more visual than a normal PowerPoint presentation and it was great that we were able to get the image of New York as the “home base” for the Prezi. 
  • Were students able to follow along and become engaged with the Prezi?
    • I think that students were able to follow along and be engaged with the Prezi.  Students participated in the Stop and Ponder sections to share what information they learned through the presentation.  Students were also able to record information on their graphic organizer.  One thing that I would change in the future is to stop and help students to learn when to record the information, or provide more clues on the slides—such as stars or bold print—for information that should be recorded on the graphic organizer.
  • Were the videos and pictures in the Prezi sufficient for student learning and understanding?
    • Yes.  The videos were straight forward and helped to expand upon what we were teaching in the lesson.  It was a great tool to use for those visual and auditory learners.  I think that all of the students enjoyed the videos.
Guided Practice
  • Did the vortex, picture, and video activity allow the students to practice what they just learned?
    • Yes.  The students loved the vortex activity and it was great because we were able to have all of the students come up to the SMARTboard at least once.  Due to the time, we were unable to do the summary at the end of the vortex and reiterate the important facts from the vortex activity.  The pictures were also good to sum up student learning.  In the future, I do not think that I would use the video again.  Since the video is primarily of the New York City area, I do not think all students were able to make a connection with the video.   
  • Was the student praise and/or consequence provided lacking, too much, or sufficient enough to contribute to student confidence and learning?
    • I think that student praise was sufficient throughout the lesson.  I do not recall us using any consequence.  When a student provided an incorrect or off-topic answer, we gave corrective feedback and then asked if anyone else had an idea to share.  We allowed students to share which I think was beneficial to their learning.  We also had students chorally answer questions which is a great way to allow even shy students to participate. 

  • Did student groups asking other student groups allow the teacher to assess who really understood the content and who did not?
    • Yes I think it did.  The students were very excited about this activity and were actively engaged.  Students created thoughtful and unique questions to test their peers.  Since students worked in groups for this activity, it was difficult to tell which individuals did not fully grasp the content.  However, on a group basis it was clear that the majority of students understood and grasped the content of the lesson. 
Independent Practice
  • Was the socrative quiz fun for the students, as well as provide practice for them?
    • Due to time constraints, we were unable to use the Socrative quiz.
·         Did the socrative quiz allow the teacher to summatively assess the student?
    • Due to time constraints, we were unable to use the Socrative quiz.

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