Monday, February 9, 2015

Clearing Up My Confusion about Guided Inquiry Lessons

Before taking this class, I had not been required to write a guided inquiry lesson plan.  I had thought that I had a good understanding of the concept, however, I found out that I needed to learn more.  It was a difficult process, but a successful one that I am glad I had to do.  In "The Many Faces of Inductive Teaching and Learning" Prince and Felder (2007) discuss various types of inductive teaching that are available to educators as well as how they engage students in attaining a deeper understanding of learning.  A few varieties of inductive teacher are inquiry-based or guided inquiry, discovery learning, and problem-based learning - just to name a few.  

Inquiry-based learning can help improve a student's academic achievement, deepen his or her thinking, and enhance problem-solving skills (Prince & Felder, 2007)

Check out these videos to learn more about inquiry-based learning and why it is so important that we use it in our classrooms!  I know that I will absolutely use inquiry-based learning in my future classroom!


Prince, M, & Felder, R. (2007) The many faces of inductive teaching and learning. Journal of College Science Teaching.  Retrieved from

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