Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reflection on Cooperative Learning Lesson

Although it has been a while since our fieldwork teaching sessions, I am finally now reflecting on our cooperative learning lesson.  Our lesson had some great ideas, however, now that I know a little bit more about cooperative learning there are some things that I would change.  We used QR codes and had the students visit stations to use iPads and the QR codes to learn more about three important people in the Colonial Hudson Valley.  Where we went astray is that we used people that the students had not met before.  This made the time that they had to research the information and record notes in their graphic organizers crucial.  To top it off, there was not enough time or iPads to go around.  We ended up with three groups  of about five students each.  Unfortunately, with the way the room was set up it was just not a feasible execution.  We ended up running out of time before the students could even create their project for the lesson.  Dr. Smirnova gave us a lot of feedback about this lesson and now we know what we would need to change in order to have the best lesson we could.  The QR codes and guided notes were a great way to students to access and record information.  However, in the future I would select individuals that the students already had learned about and this lesson would expand upon their knowledge.  Additionally, I would have each group only research one person.  Then, they would share what they learned about that person with the rest of the class.  This would make this lesson a truer Jigsaw type lesson.  Overall, the students seemed to really enjoy using the QR codes and interacting with one another.  As I had stated before, fieldwork this semester has been a complete learning experience and I look forward to adapting this current lesson and making it the best it can be.   

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